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Ironing Essentials

Everything you need to maintain a wrinkle-free wardrobe

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Color: White

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Nori Trim

Have a pilled sweater? Add our fabric shaver to make your garments look brand new.


Clothing care, re-imagined

What's Inside

The Nori Press

Our premier wrinkle-removal product designed to press, steam and refresh your clothes with ease. The best part? No board, leakage or headaches included.

Travel Case

This vegan leather travel case was built specifically to store and transport your Nori Press! A heat protectant liner means that you can stash your iron immediately after usage.

Fabric Facial

Meet the Nori Press’ Partner in crime. This 8 oz. steam solution can be used as a spray or fill agent to improve your iron’s performance.

No More Wrinkled Clothing

No More Pilled Garments

No More Wrinkled Clothing

No More Pilled Garments

Everyone Agrees

Bundling is Better