the story of Nori

Come Behind the Steam

Co-founder of the Nori Steam Iron Reclining in Chair

Hi There!

I’m Courtney and I used to iron my clothes with a hair straightener.

There, I said it. After years of frustration with leaky steamers, clunky ironing boards, and expensive dry cleaning, I found DIY hacks to be quicker, more compact and more effective than existing market solutions.

Sound like a market in need of some serious innovation?

I thought so too!

So over a number of years, a team of friends, engineers, investors, advisors, ambassadors and my co-founder, Annabel, helped me to create an exciting and thoughtful clothing care brand for the next generation. What's that saying... It takes a village? In our experience, hardware takes a country.

Co-Founders of the Nori Steam Iron: Annabel and Courtney

Press Without the Stress

Press Without the Stress

Press Without the Stress

Press Without the Stress

The Means Behind the Steam

We invested such time and effort in order to create an innovative product that truly works. All you have to worry about is the no's.

No Ironing Boards, Leakage or Burn Marks

No Recurring Dry Cleaning Expense

Oh, and most importantly, no more wrinkles.

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Co-Founders Annabel and Courtney Leaning on Ironing Board

Turning the Ironing Industry Upside Down

Nori spelled backwards is IRON.

From our conception, we wanted our brand to change the existing perception of ironing. That meant designing for consumers instead of retailers, injecting brand into a previously mundane market, and providing a transparent and accessible shopping experience online.