How We Nori

The steps below outline our recommended use. With that said, NORI is in your hands now. Show us how you NORI using the hashtag #NowWeNori

Looking for how to trim?

Step 1

Turn it On

Once plugged in, you will see a thin line of light at the bottom of your LED screen. Lightly tap the power button and watch your device scroll through six fabric specific heat settings.

Step 2

Choose your Fabric

Check your garment’s tag to see what fabric you are working with and then tap the fabric-setting button on the side of the device until you land on your desired setting.

Step 3

Take a Moment for You

It’s getting hot in here. Your desired fabric setting will blink until it has reached the appropriate temperature and you are ready to Nori. While you wait, we recommend dampening your garment with a few sprays of our fabric facial. This will help with removing those more stubborn wrinkles.

Step 4

Now, you Nori

Position your garment on a hanger or lay it on a flat surface. Place your garment in between the two heated plates, apply pressure and drag slowly. The slower you press, the less swipes your garment will require. Before you know it, you have one less wrinkle to worry about.

Oh wait, you wanted steam?

We can do that


Some Common Questions