The Complete Guide to the Best Iron for College Students and What Makes it Better

By: Annabel Love
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College students are under a lot of pressure.  Suddenly in a new environment that they have worked hard for, they now have to continue that hard work ethic in order to maintain it. Alleviating some of that pressure by taking care of the details will be a big help. Buy your college student a Nori iron to make this less of a chore.  

What is the best type of iron for college students? There are many different kinds on the market these days and it can be difficult to choose one that will suit your needs. Luckily you don't have to worry about that anymore because this article has done all the research for you! Read on below and find out what features make an iron perfect for any student's needs!

Why do College Students Need an Iron?

An iron is an important tool for any person who has to look their best. If you're a college student, this is especially true. Here's why:

Ironing out small wrinkles in pants and skirts can help you look and feel more professional on the first day of class. Putting your best foot forward on the first day always helps you make a good impression on your new classmates and will give students more self-confidence.

Pressed clothing is more flattering than wrinkled clothing and will provide a better first impression. 

Ironing out small wrinkles in blouses, tops and shirts can help you look better when going out to meet friends. You may be thinking that most of your clothes will not need to be ironed, but you'd be surprised! Even if you wear a T-shirt and jeans, there can still be small wrinkles in the fabric. Shirts and blouses often come with slight folds in the fabric when they are packaged for sale at retailers

Ironing is nice because you can quickly get rid of any wrinkles on your clothes and make yourself look more presentable. 

What Types of Irons Are There for Students?

There are many different types of irons on the market, and they all fall into one of the categories listed below. Cordless irons can be less powerful and some people find them to be less effective. In general, corded irons are a good choice for college students because they are cheaper and may deliver more heat in a shorter amount of time.

The Nori Press is a new type of steam and dry iron combo that is perfect for students. It's easy to store, fast, and easy to use and provides outstanding results without the need for an ironing board. It's quick to set up(no ironing board required), fosters sustainability, and transforms ironing into a fun and simple process.

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When you are looking for the best steamer for clothes, look no further than Nori. It's an iron, a steamer, and as easy to use as a hair straightener. You don't need an ironing board or flat surface because Nori can de-wrinkle anywhere. From day-to-day campus wear, to summer dresses, to special occasions Nori is the hassle-free way to take wrinkles out of your wardrobe.

Corded Dry Irons

A corded iron can save you money because it is generally cheaper than a cordless one. It also heats up more quickly and is easy to use.  A corded iron will be able to give you enough heat right away so that you can get your ironing done quickly.  Quick and easy is important!

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Cordless Irons

Another type of iron that students may want to consider is a cordless model. These devices do not need to be plugged in and so that allows additional freedom.

A cordless iron allows you to iron without having to worry about finding an outlet in a small dorm room. 

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Steam Irons

Some irons are designed to deliver steam, while dry irons do not have this feature. Steam emanates from an iron soleplate, which is the metal part of the device that touches your clothes. It helps to smooth out wrinkles and can be very useful for people who want their clothes to look better quickly. Most students prefer a steam iron because it is quick and easy to use.

Steam irons are also useful for people who have to iron small items. Students who have to do their own ironing may find that they can save time by using a steam iron when they need to remove wrinkles from shirts, pants, or skirts quickly.

Using steam irons can help you save time because they are designed to take wrinkles out of clothes quickly without having to spritz each piece with water.

One of the biggest advantages of non-steam irons is that they are often cheaper than irons that deliver steam. These types of irons can be very effective at removing wrinkles, but often, can not get out tough wrinkles without spritzing them first..

Most college students prefer a steam iron because it can remove wrinkles quickly and give your clothes a professional look. If you live in a dorm room where there are not enough outlets to support several irons, a cordless iron may be a better choice. The best irons for college students are often steam irons, which can remove wrinkles from clothes quickly and efficiently.

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Combo Steam Iron and Dry Iron

Spending money on two separate irons can become costly, so some brands now sell hybrid devices that are both steam and dry irons. These types of irons can provide you with more functionality than just a standard iron. A combo iron may be able to take wrinkles out of your clothes better than other types because they have dual heating elements and functions.

Iron and Ironing Board

Purchasing a standard iron and board can be cumbersome and a little costly so the new Nori is a real plus. You can press your clothing while hanging or on a heat-resistant surface.  It gives you both a dry and steam option.  

Some brands will sell an iron and iron board set that comes with all the pieces you need to get rid of wrinkles. However, they can sometimes be difficult to find. These devices can come in steam or dry iron style and may be useful for college students that have the space for an ironing board. You can also purchase a combo steam and dry iron along with a separate ironing board for a student. 

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What is the Best Iron for College Students?

We recommend the Nori Press. It makes ironing easier because it is a steamer and an iron. This product has been designed for people who want to keep their clothes and other items wrinkle-free. The Nori Press was created after going through five rounds of prototypes and two years of development.

The Nori Press is recommended for students who want to keep their clothes clean and wrinkle-free, but we also recommend it for people who want to make life easier!

Nori is like the traditional steam iron, but it has a unique design. Its new unique design allows you to press your clothing while hanging or you can use any heat-resistant flat surface. Nori is different because you can also use it to steam clothes.

The difference? You don't need the ironing board. Sounds like a great idea for college students who are short on space and can't take up that much room in their dorms or apartments.

Nori is perfect for college students. It's easy to use, takes up less space, and is more energy-efficient than conventional irons.

Iron vs. Steamer vs. Nori

An iron can press your clothes. A steamer can use steam to get any wrinkles out of your clothes. And Nori does both! Read on to find out how Nori is better than traditional iron or steamer.

No Ironing Board Needed

In place of the old iron, Nori offers a sleek new way for people who want to get their clothes ready without having to use an iron. Nori was designed to be used like a flat iron, which means it has two aluminum plates for each side of your clothes.

Versatile for Any Fabric

Ironing your jeans and steaming your silk shirt is easier with the Nori iron. You can do it in one session. The buttons make it easy to start the steam function or use the ironing plates. It doesn't matter what type of clothes you have, the wand is made to make it easier for you.

Compact Garment Steamer

Irons are not easy to bring with you when you travel. But the Nori is small so you can take it with you easily.

Continuous Steam

When you have a large garment, it is hard to iron the wrinkles with a traditional iron and ironing board. Nori has 10 minutes of continuous steam that can help get the job done quickly. It is perfect for quickly steaming clothing for the on-the-go student.

Sanitizes & Irons Clothing

Nori is not like a traditional steamer. It can clean your clothes with steam. Just add the fabric facial to use in your Nori for steaming and freshening.  If you need to quickly freshen a garment simply use the fabric facial created for Nori and your clothes are fresh and pressed!

User-Friendly Digital Interface

Nori has a digital display that is easy to use and read. You can see what settings you would like without squinting. Simply read your garment label for the recommended setting, find it on your Nori and it will tell you when it has reached the desired temperature.  The Nori has 6 settings so you're covered!

What is the Best Iron for College Students?

We recommend the Nori Press. Nori took the traditional steam iron and completely revolutionized it. It's a steamer and iron combo that uses the ease of the flat iron design to create the unique Nori press. Created with the consumer in mind, Nori went through five rounds of prototypes and two years of development to find a product that could fit the wrinkle-free needs of today's families. Designed for students who want an easy way to keep their clothes clean and wrinkle-free, Nori was created after going through multiple iterations of design and testing.

Nori: The Best Steamer for All Your Clothes

Nori is a new type of steam iron. It can handle both steaming and regular ironing at the same time, which most other types of irons cannot easily do.

  • Smoothing Out Silks - Silk is a beautiful type of fabric. But if you store it and it gets wrinkled, that can be a problem. The best way to keep your silk from looking wrinkled is to put it on a hanger and then use the "silk" setting on your Nori. Add steam, and then it will look like new. No dry clean is needed. Another benefit for students on a budget.
  • Perfect for Polyester - Nori is the best steam iron on the market. Nori is better than other irons because it has a setting for polyester blends. If you are not sure what to do, just steam it out. You can also use Nori if your clothes have delicate sleeves or collars because then you won't worry about damaging or adding wrinkles.
  • Tame Difficult Denin - Denim is a problem for some students. Some students like the crisp seams and others just want to remove a few wrinkles. Nori can do both! On one side, Nori has plates that press the denim and on the other side, it has steam that can remove wrinkles from your jeans or even sanitize them. It is three-in-one!
  • Care for Your Cotton - Cotton is a type of fabric that you can find almost anywhere on campus or at home. It goes into clothes such as your favorite t-shirt and buttery leggings. If you put it in the laundry basket and forgot to fold it, just give it a few swipes with the Nori on the cotton setting. It gets hot while you get ready and then it is done!
  • Protect Your Wool - Some students may be afraid of ironing their wool clothing? Lots of people ruin their clothes when they try to iron them. One way is by setting the wrong type on the iron or pressing too hard. But you can also use steam if you don't want to press so hard. Another way is by drying your clothes incorrectly, which can make them look all wrinkled and twisted up after they dry. When it comes to an article of clothing that's really important for a special occasion, Nori can help with that too!
  • Get Lineless Linen - You might have linens that you want to make look nice. You can hang them up and give them light steam or lay them on your bed and iron them. It is hard to find an iron that can do both things, but Nori has this feature so you will be prepared for all of the different events you will have coming up.

Attention: Use discount code "SHOP10" at checkout to save 10% on The Nori Press!

When you are looking for the best steamer for clothes, look no further than Nori. It's an iron, a steamer, and as easy to use as a hair straightener. You don't need an ironing board or flat surface because Nori can de-wrinkle anywhere. From day to day campus wear, to summer dresses, to special occasions Nori is the hassle-free way to take wrinkles out of your wardrobe.

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