Small Laundry Room Ideas: Make Your Laundry Room Your Favorite Room

By: Annabel Love
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Our guess is that few people would call their laundry room their favorite room of the house. In fact, most laundry rooms end up being the most unloved of all—forgotten, small corners of the house, piled underneath hamper baskets and dirty clothes. We say let’s bring the laundry room into the spotlight! Even the tiniest closet-sized laundry rooms can be made into your favorite room of the house.

Science shows that the decor and cleanliness of a space can have a real impact on our emotional well-being. The way a space is designed can be shaped to trigger certain emotions in us and used as a way of emotional regulation. 

With the rise in popularity of tiny homes, we can see that size is not necessarily a determining factor in the aesthetic, appeal or functionality of a space. It’s about using the space you do have in an efficient way and bringing items into it that give you daily joy. Check out these small laundry room ideas to start loving yours!

Every Spot Matters

The first rule of making over a small laundry room (any room for that matter) is that every surface is valuable real estate. Look at every shelf and every wall spot as space asking to be maximized and organized. If you have front-loading machines and can afford to leave their top surfaces open—do it. Utilize every other spot in the room, keeping the machines unburied to create a tidy-looking spot.

Once you take a look at the surfaces and areas you have available in your small laundry room, then you can start to maximize them by bringing in smart organizing solutions to wrangle all of the chaos. For tight hallways and skinny spots on the wall, hang decorative hooks that can be used for drying clothes, hanging missing socks, and storing dog leashes and other daily items. If your room is small but tall, look up—use that space between the machines and the ceiling to install beautiful wood shelving. 

Does your laundry room double as an entryway or mudroom? A hanging file bin can maximize wall space to keep your mail off of the kitchen table. Pretty storage baskets on your decorative shelves can hold things like keys, extra sunglasses, and laundry detergents. Look at the spots you have available to you and use an organizer or container for each one. Choosing attractive bins, hooks, and containers that bring you joy to look at is the first step in making your small laundry room your new favorite room!

Accent Wall Ideas

Who doesn’t love a good accent wall? Accent walls—one wall that’s different from the others in design or color—can make a small room seem larger than it really is. They can also be the “wow” factor that sparks enough joy in you to make it your new favorite room in the house.

Try Wallpaper

The laundry room is the perfect space to try out a wallpaper accent wall. To keep things simple, choose the wall opposite your washer and dryer. If you’re ready for a more advanced challenge, choose the wall that your washer and dryer are connected to (you’ll need to do some trimming around the outlets, so this option is for wallpaper veterans). 

Wallpaper comes in countless varieties and patterns these days. Choose one that brightens your mood and brings joy to your chores! A small laundry room is an excellent opportunity to take a chance on a wallpaper pattern that’s crazier than you’d normally want in one of your main rooms—and remember, you can always swap it out. 

Wood Accents

If wallpaper isn’t a big enough challenge for you, try using wood to create a super unique accent wall. Shiplap is a popular choice for its clean look that adds just the right amount of character to a room. Plus, the horizontal lines of the wood will make the walls appear longer, therefore enlarging the space. Can’t decide between wallpaper or wood for your accent wall? Try a wood-print wallpaper and get the best of both worlds!

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

If you’re not ready to commit to too much work when designing your laundry room’s accent wall, you can start small by simply adding a stylish mirror. Place the mirror (or mirrors, plural) on the wall opposite of your machines. This helps open the room up and make it appear to have more space than it does. Choose a mirror in a unique design with a pretty frame in a light-colored material like gold or natural wood.

A Classic Accent Wall With Paint

When all other options seem to be giving you too many choices to make, you can always just paint your accent wall a color that brings you happiness. Painting any wall a different color than the rest is the easiest way to quickly make your laundry room seem larger and more polished.

Say Goodbye to What You Don’t Need

Now that you’ve maximized all the space in your laundry room and created an accent wall to open it up, the next step is to kick any items to the curb that don’t need to be stored in there. Consolidate your laundry detergents, stain fighters, and other products as much as you can. Opt for “life hack” products like our Fabric Facial Steam Iron Solution that helps you do more with less by helping your iron work even better. 

Still storing your big, clunky ironing board in your laundry room? That’s valuable real estate! Get a modern-designed, travel-friendly iron that doesn’t even need an ironing board. Instant space saver! You’ll feel more at peace with your laundry room when you know you’re being smart with each and every available spot in the room.

Don’t Forget the Lighting

Studies show that light can have a direct effect on the circadian rhythm and well-being of humans. If you’ve still got harsh fluorescent lighting in your laundry room, it’s got to go! Unnatural lighting can lead to higher cortisol levels and trouble sleeping—a big problem if you mostly do your laundry at night. 

Use bulbs that emit warm white light or natural light similar to that of the sun (an option on some “smart bulbs” now). Combine a relaxing, warm light with a fixture that speaks to your inner designer, and you’ll be happy to spend time folding towels in your new laundry oasis.

Other Tips to Love Your Small Laundry Room

Now you’re on your way to creating a beautiful, organized, and bigger-looking laundry room that you’ll want to spend time in. Before your room is complete, there are a handful of finishing touches you can add to create a great space. Here are just a few more tips for tying everything together!

No Hamper Zone

Try to avoid storing your hampers in your laundry room. This will help reduce the chaos in such a small space. There’s nothing cute about overflowing piles of dirty clothes, and they’ll make you want to avoid ever going in the room. 

If you absolutely have to use your laundry room to stash your hampers, opt for stylish, covered ones that match the theme and colors of your accent wall. If you can’t avoid the piles, then the next best option is storing them in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Light Colors for Flooring or Runner Rug

We can’t forget the floor! Choose a light color of wood or tile if you are redesigning your entire laundry room. Keep the colors of the floor in light and warm tones to create a welcoming aesthetic. On a budget? Add a skinny runner in a light color and a textured fabric to upgrade any small laundry room and add a touch of elegance. Now you’ve redesigned your laundry room with styles you love, top to bottom!

Cover the Outlets With Risers

If it’s perfection that you’re going for, then the connection area behind your washer and dryer can be a real aesthetic-ruiner. You may want to consider purchasing a riser for your specific model of washer and dryer. These sometimes even offer drawers for extra storage! They’ll raise your machines up enough to cover those tubes and wires (such an eyesore).

The Cherry on Top: Scent

The final touch to creating a room that you’ll truly love to be in is a matching scent. Find a fresh-smelling room freshener in a scent that elevates your mood and matches your laundry detergent. This will help for those days when you’ve got extra smelly loads of soccer uniforms and moldy towels. It’s the little things that make the difference!


To summarize, it’s easier than you think to make a small laundry room feel bigger. It’s all about finding colors and patterns that you love and accessories that bring you joy, and organizing the chaos of loose items. Think about creating an accent wall, choosing smart products that save you space, and using every available surface in the room. 

No closet or garage laundry room is too small to benefit from a few elegant design choices. Now that we’ve shown you some ways to love your small laundry room, does this mean laundry is your favorite chore now? 


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